Improved performance and
sustainability for next-gen
lithium-ion batteries

PCC Thorion

Taking lithium-ion batteries to a new level

Our business is to deliver cutting-edge silicon based anode materials that fulfill customers’ expectations in performance gain and sustainability as well as a secured supply for next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

We are a fully integrated producer with a closed supply chain from raw material to anode active material that can be directly used in Lithium-Ion batteries. Our determination to sustainability provides additional advantage in low CO2-footprint compared to state-of-the-art solutions.

In cooperation with our network of research partners, we are bringing together material and process expertise for development of a large scale industrial production of an innovative high-tech material that replaces the conventional anode material graphite in lithium-ion batteries.

Increased energy density

Shorter charging times due to fast charging capability

Reduced CO2 footprint due to sustainable production

Increasing the performance
of lithium-ion batteries

Nano-Silicon powder

Nano-Silicon powder – a strong contribution to climate protection

Our Nano-Silicon powder is contributing to the performance increase achieved by the developed silicon carbon composite. Therewith we reach 1500+ mAh/g over several hundred cycles. We use 100% renewable energies for silicon metal production.

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A highly scalable solution enabling mass production

As we pursue the path to commercialization, we are focusing particularly on process efficiency so as to offer our clients further benefits to complement our high-performance materials. And we are adopting a modular production concept that allows us both to easily adapt capacity to market needs and to establish new manufacturing facilities where they are needed most.

Scaling up to mass

Modular concept

Value for money

Part of the PCC Group
with the most advanced
silicon metal
production in Iceland

PCC Thorion, located in Duisburg (Germany), is dedicated to delivering advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries capable of securing long-lasting mobility. We are part of the international PCC Group with core competencies in the production of chemical feedstocks and specialties, silicon and silicon derivatives and in the field of container logistics. In Iceland, we have built one of the world´s most advanced and environmentally friendly silicon metal production plant operating on the basis of 100% renewable energy.

The silicon we produce is key to achieving reliable and sustainable industrial-scale production of advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries – and is therefore destined to make an important contribution to the future of our planet.

Outstanding sustainability credentials

Committed to

Exceptional supply dependability