Silicon Carbon Composites

Our plug-in solution for battery manufacturers

The conventional anode material used in lithium-ion batteries today is graphite. However, this has a limiting effect on battery capacity in terms of both mileage and charging time. Our Silicon Carbon Composite is an innovative, high-tech material that replaces graphite to effectively potentiate the performance of Li-ion batteries. It can be applied in today’s battery manufacturing processes – and the factories that use them – by simply adding in a slurry production stage. The switch is as easy for customers as it is effective.

From silicon lump to composite. A cost-efficient production process

Our anode material

  • Is a drop-in solution that can be applied directly within today’s cell manufacturing process
  • Can be used as a 100%-pure solution or in blends so as to gradually replace graphite as needed by our customers
  • Is manufactured with abundant and sustainably produced precursors offering the security of future demand satisfaction

Increase of energy density

Energy density on cell level can be increased by customers’ according to their needs to obtain an optimal balanced battery cell. It is possible to use it as 100% replacement of graphite or blend it.

Depending on graphite to silicon carbon composite ratio energy density on cell level can be increased to over 37%.

Grafik - Reichweite

Increase of energy density on cell level due to silicon carbon composite compared to graphite

A highly scalable solution enabling mass production

Developing a highly scalable production process, we are confident of achieving mass production parameters. As we pursue the path to commercialization, we are focusing particularly on process efficiency so as to offer our clients further benefits to complement our high-performance materials.

And we are adopting a modular production concept that allows us both to easily adapt capacity to market needs and to establish new manufacturing facilities where they are needed most.

Our Silicon-Carbon-Composite, a simple solution to improve performance of lithium-ion batteries

A strong collaboration for outstanding results

The Silicon Carbonate Composite originated from the research at Fraunhofer ISE. In the further development we are collaborating with leading R&D partners perfecting our novel anode material material to deliver you a solution optimized for application in lithium-ion batteries.