Silicon nanopowder (Si nanopowder) dry for lithium-ion batteries

Function: precursor; raw material; anode material; active material; capacity-increasing; fast-charging capability

SKU: PCC10124
Product name Silicon nanopowder (Si nanopowder) dry
CAS number 7440-21-3
MDL MFCD00085311
EC 231-130-8
Purity Si > 99%
Particle size distribution D50 = 100 nm / 150nm / 200nm / … / according to customer requirements
Color gray
Shape Nanopowder (dry)
Melting point 1410°C
Boiling point 2355°C
Synonyms Nanosilicon
Spec. surface (BET) 10-20 m²/g (depending on particle size distribution)

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Silicon is a versatile material that is used in a variety of industries, including the solar, aluminum and chemical industries.